Hello Panther Families and Community Members


We sincerely appreciate the generosity you have shown to our families these past few weeks.  The way our program normally operates, is to provide meals to the students in our program only during the 12 weeks a year when school is not in session. Due to current circumstances, as with most organizations, plans change to accommodate the current state of affairs. Many of our families are dealing with loss of income, as well as the temporary closure of St. Gregory’s Pantry where they would normally receive assistance.  In these difficult times, we have decided to shift our normal operating procedure to assist our Panther students as much as we can.  While we will keep our summer budget intact, we will continue to use all donated funds above that to continue to help our families through these difficult days. All funds that are donated will go right back out to our families in the form of grocery gift cards. Please note that we are not currently collecting food donations. If you have dry goods to donate, you can leave them in the St. Gregory's Pantry drop box which is being used by the St. Mary's Emergency Food Team. They are located at 804 Bay Ave in Point Pleasant.  We thank you for your continued support. Our families are grateful to live in such a caring community.

All of the families who are a part of our program have received assistance for Spring Break and have also received help an additional 5 weeks during the Covid-19 crisis as well as a weekly bag of groceries from Lenny's Colonial Ranch Market!  As donations keep coming in we will continue to provide aid. Thanks again. *As of Today, May 7th 2020 we have provided $16,000 to our families from all the generous donations you have given in the last month! Are you kidding!? How awesome is that! $16,000 in ONE month!* Thank you from the bottom of our heart.  



UPDATE as of July 1, 2020

We are in full swing of Summer assistance to the families that are a part of our program. The children who need assistance the most in Point Pleasant Boro are receiving aid weekly. They will continue to do so until school resumes in the Fall. If you would like to contribute to Panthers Let's Eat and helping the children in our own town please go to the Donate section. We are not collecting non parishables this summer due to social distancing. If you have non parishables that you would like to donate please drop off in the drop box at St. Gregorys Pantry at 804 Bay Ave In Point Pleasant Beach. Thank you so much to everyone who has suppoted this program, we are forever grateful.


UPDATE as of October 1, 2020

We had a very sucsessful Summer with making sure the families in our program received aid every week in the form of giftcards. We were able to provide giftcards to Stop & Shop and families that who were a bit larger also received giftcards to Natures Reward Farm Market or to Colonial Ranch Market. Thank you so much to all the families who donated, businesses who reached out and the community members and organizations who provided aid or a service for us. YOU ARE AMAZING AND WE THANK YOU!! (I'm shouting from the rooftops with gratitude) As Of October 1, 2020 we have been able to give out $54,000 in help since the begining of the COVID-19 pandemic in March. This includes our regular 11 weeks of summer that we help with as a part of our regular program. We have many families who have reached out asking for help. Asking wheres the closest food pantry or if any churches are doing meals for families. It takes so much for people to ask for help. To let others know that you are in need for your children. We are making emergency boxes of non parishables that are child friendly foods. Boxes of pasta, pasta sauce, mac n cheese, rice, granola bars, peanut butter, jelly, goldfish, pretzels. Also including in these boxes are cleaning supplies & toiletries. You can donate any or all of the above! We have people who want to create boxes of several families and we say YES PLEASE! Whatever you can do we will deliver. Your donations of boxes or dry goods will be accepted on Sunday November 1st at Nellie Bennet Elementry School in Point Pleasant from 9:00-11:00 AM. On your box please tape who the donation is from with email and phone number. Especially if its to earn volunteer hours!! It will be removed before it is given to the families.


UPDATE as of December 1, 2020


We had a very sucessful box drive on November 1st! Panthers Let's Eat was able to deliver 200 boxes to families in need in Point Pleasant Boro. These boxes were filled with food, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. Some had small toys and giftcards thrown in them! Thank you so much for all you do. This program is able to do so much because of wonderful people like yourself. Everytime we complete deliveries, have food drives, back to school supplies, coat drives and ask for donations to buy grocery gift cards this town rallies together and gets the job done. We are greatful for all of you who donated food for the boxes, made complete boxes, dropped off giftcards, donated funds and volunteered their time. 

Thank you to EVN FLO Photography for a wonderful fundraiser for us and raised $1000. You rock and are awesome!


If you would like to help the children in town for the month of December consider these ways to help!

1)You can order online or drop off toys to:

Top That! Donuts @ 210 Ocean Ave, Point Beach. Their drive goes directly to Panthers Let's Eat Families

2) Drop off gift cards for families to shop at St. Gregory's Covid Christmas Gift Card Collection. Cards can be dropped off to 804 Bay Ave Point Beach. Drop off is weekdays between 10am-12. 

3) Please donate on our page and all monies donated purchase all grocery gift cards for the Winter break delivery. We help all the children who are in our program in all 4 Point Pleasant Schools.

UPDATE as of December 9,2020

Hello eyeryone and thank you so much for reaching out on wanting to help! Because of the community, local businesses and a group of Point Moms we are able to purchase and will deliver a ton of presents for all the children of our program. We will complete this by the end of next week. If you would still like to help please drop off any toys this week to Top That! Donuts in Point Beach by Wednesday 16th. We are also looking for $25 gift cards to local businesses, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, etc for the high schoolers in our program. If you would like to drop off a gift card please email

If you would like to make a donation to help with Panthers Let's Eat and making sure the children have enough eat while they are on Winter break please click on the little yellow oval that says DONATE in the upper right hand corner! All donations will go to the kids in the form of grocery gift cards with a suggested shopping list for this Winter Break delivery. If you need help with your donation or are a business and would like to send a check instead please reach me at



MOMS of Point Pleasant, The Gullace Family over at THE SHORE HOUSE

Our friends at Divi Tree, Jersey Shore Pirates, Ocean Powerwashing

Honey Tree, Seedling Street, Shore Dance Center, Red House Music

We LOVE this Community! Thank you to all who have donated!



We are extreamly greatful and overwhelmed with the love this town has shown our program since the beginning but especially over this Holiday season. Over the last month we were able to make sure all the families in the program received toys for Christmas through a toy drive through Top That! Donuts in Point Pleasant Beach. Thousands of dollars were donated in gift cards to purchase toys for families as well to give as gifts for the teens in the program. All monetary dontions that were donated went directly to the families in the form of gift cards with a suggested grocery list. Because of the generosity of all of you we were able to almost double the amount given for the Winter Break delivery. That is such a big deal! More food on the table means happier kids. We appreciate all you do to support Panthers Let's Eat! To continue to help us do what we do please click the donate button in the right hand corner! We are currently saving for the Spring Break delivery and if we are able to continue to give extra aid during this tough year. Thanks again, you rock!



Monetary donations are in desperate need for the Summer of 2021. We are continuing gift card distribution to the families in need whom are enrolled in our program. Due to social distancing we are continuing this through the summer with the hopes that this will be the last year doing it this way. We will ask for non perishables and monetary donations to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables and deliver them to childrens homes next year. If you would love to contribute to our awesome program to help us make sure that no child goes hungry this summer please click the YELLOW DONATE button in the upper right hand corner. We will do the rest! We appreciate all the residents, businesses, clubs and organizations who support us and who honestly just make this town better. Thanks again, you rock!

If you would like to mail a check or gift card to us please email



Sincerely, The Panthers, Let’s Eat Team




Welcome to the
“Panthers. Let’s Eat” program

We are a group of parent volunteers from the Point Pleasant Community. We work in conjunction with the Ocean Road School PTO. Our mission is to provide children and their siblings who are on the free/reduced lunch program healthy meals when school is not in session. We receive food and monetary donations from local residents and business, which help us to provide families in our program with meals and snacks during school breaks. Our aim is to make sure that no child in all four Point Pleasant Boro Schools goes hungry.

*PANTHERS LET'S EAT is not affiliated with the Point Pleasant School District. The district mails out the letters to families on the free/reduced lunch program for us. We do not know who they are. If a family chooses to be helped by our program they must volunteer some of their info to PANTHERS LET'S EAT so we can provide assistance. This is a voluntary program and in no way does any familiy on the free and reduced lunch program have to join or give their information.  


What We Need

What Food Is Provided?

The main goal of our program is not only to address the issue of food insecurity for our students, but it is also to provide HEALTHY options. We aim to provide enough food so that each child in the residence may have 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, and plenty of snacks on the weeks they are out of school. We provide a variation of the following items in EACH delivery:

We provide a variation of the following items in EACH delivery:

  • Pasta
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • Bread
  • Granola Bars
  • Beans
  • Rice
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese Sticks
  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Pancake Mix
  • Fruit Cups/Pouches
  • Goldfish/Pretzels
  • Carrots
  • Bananas
  • Oranges
  • Cucumbers
  • Corn / Potatoes
  • Grapes
  • Pizza Dough

Contact Us


Kate Roach

For general information, if you are a family in need or to talk about volunteering reach out by emailing

Kristen Hart

If you are a business or a community member that would like to help or make a donation, please reach out by emailing